GPS to Love™

8 Modules

Class 1 - Overcoming Fear and Overwhelm

In this lesson, you will identify and release the hidden saboteurs that are keeping you from moving forward and manifesting miracles in your life.

Class 2 - Becoming the Best Version of You!

Connect to your core identity, the one you were born with and were distracted from, as a bridge to becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

Class 3 - Overcoming Your Ego Mind

Your mind is your biggest ally or your most dangerous foe! Learn how to discern between ego chatter and core truth so you can release limiting beliefs once and for all and stay on course!

Class 4 - Cultivating Your Love Energy

Your patterns and beliefs are a result of your energy! Create new empowering “4th Level Beliefs” focused on LOVE! It's key to becoming irresistible. and creating powerful signals of attraction!

Class 5 - Embody Your Intuition

Learn the language of your Inner Voice and never again miss the red flags, the Divine gifts or messages from your Soul. Once you learn to hear it, you have a direct line to your highest good!

Class 6 - Conscious Self Love

There is a misconception that adults should in a sense, be “finished products.” But healthy relationships depend on a commitment to Self-Parenting and ongoing growth. You’ll learn how to read and recalibrate your emotions so that they work for you rather than against you! 

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